How to Promote Your Tutoring Services

As a tutor on ESL Tutor, it is important to actively promote your services. This will not only lead to more students who would like to schedule lessons with you, but also with increased points and hence lower commission rates paid.

Here are a few pointers as to best promote your tutoring services:

1. Keep your profile up to date

The most important aspect of promoting your services is to have a fully filled-out profile so that prospective students can make an informed decision as to whether or not schedule a lesson with you. It is especially important that you have a profile picture that shows your face. Students rarely schedule lessons with tutors who do not have profile pictures.

2. Synchronize your lesson types

The lesson types you make yourself available for on the scheduling software should at all times be synchronized with the lesson types you choose on your ESL Tutor profile. This will ensure that students can find your profile more easily in searches and then schedule lessons with you.

3. Create English learning articles

Use the Post Publisher to create an article a day that will help students learn English more easily. This will not only result in more students viewing your profile and ultimately scheduling lessons with you, you will also receive points for creating the posts and for every view of the post by a student. Your points can be exchanged for cash once you reach the minimum amount as stipulated in the Tutor Guide.

The ESL Tutor staff checks all posts before they are published, and there are a few guidelines you need to follow:

  1. Only post articles that add value to the students in terms of their English learning efforts.
  2. No self-promotion. The articles are not for self-promotion and such articles will not be published, so please spare us all the workload and not create self-promoting articles. Every article you create will link back to your profile and this is already a form of promotion.
  3. The articles should be at least 150 words long and preferably contain some keywords related to learning English.
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4. Add your schedule to your Facebook page

Add your schedule to your Facebook page and let students book you there. Please read the Tutor Guide for how to do that.

5. Promote your ESL Tutor profile

Visit English learning websites and promote your ESL Tutor profile there. Please be careful not to spam those sites by promoting your services without offering something else, i.e. English learning advice, in return.

6. Promote your services at the end of first lessons

When you finish your first lesson with a student, try to convince the student to schedule regular lessons with you. Also point them towards the Pricing page, where they can buy groups of lessons at a discount. Please note that should they buy these discounted lessons, your payment will still be the same for those lessons delivered.