Update Your Tutor Profile

What is your Tutor profile?

Your tutor profile is all the information contained within your profile area in the Tutor Dashboard. This information help potential students decide whether or not to schedule a lesson with you as a tutor.

Why update your tutor profile?

Firstly, a poorly filled-in tutor profile will not attract any students. When students search through the tutor profiles, they rarely even look at profiles without profile pictures. When they do click on a profile with a picture and then end up on a profile page with limited information, they invariably click away.

Secondly, your profile information makes it easier for students to search for tutors according to certain criteria. If a student searches for a TOEIC tutor for instance, Only tutors who selected the TOEIC as a subject they can teach will show up in the search.

Thirdly, as of the end of this week, only fully filled in tutor profiles will be shown on the front page of ESL Tutor. We will delete all tutor profiles that are not fully filled in by the end of March.

Update your profile now.

Please continue to your Tutor Dashboard now and update your profile.