Earn Points

Earn Points

Get rewarded for all your activities on ESL Tutor.

ESL Tutor is easy to use and has more ways to earn points than any other English learning website.


Sign up on ESL Tutor

Register on ESL Tutor

If you are not a member of ESL Tutor yet, you will need to first sign up for an account. Sign up now – it’s FREE.

Earn More Points

Get Rewarded for your activities

You can earn points for many activities on ESL Tutor, like signing up, logging in, viewing content, and more.

Redeem Points

Use the Points You Earned

Use the points you have earned on lessons with tutors, courses, quizzes, and other English learning content.

Get a Better Rank

Improve your ESL Tutor Rank

The more points you earn the better your rank will become, so start earning today and become a Grandmaster!

Activities for which you can earn points.

Activities Points
Points for Registrations 50
Points for Getting Verified 50
Points for Daily Visits 2
Points for Viewing Posts 1
Points for Viewing Pages 1
Points for Viewing Products 1
Points for Logins 1
Points for Comments 2
Points for Viewing Videos 2
Points for Referring Visitors 1
Points for Referring Signups 5
Points for Following Users 1
Points for Finishing a Quest 10
Points for Earning a Quest Badge 10
Points for Earning a Community Badge 10
Points for Submitting a Form 1

Redeem the points you have earned.

You can use the points for doing English learning exercises, buying tutor lessons, buying English courses, or viewing other premium content on ESL Tutor.

Not enough points? Buy more points.

If you’re points are not enough to purchase tutor lessons or access to other premium content on ESL Tutor, you can always buy more points.

We accept Paypal payments mainly, but you can also pay by bank transfer or Western Union transfer.

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