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What is the best way to learn English?

Find a great teacher with a great online course that lets you study anytime anywhere…. This is what we at ESL Tutor offer our students. The best teachers with the best tools that make learning online not only possible but also fun. Learning that suits your personality, your goals and also your schedule.

Choose from the wide range of courses offered by us and our teachers, enroll and start learning today!

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Innovative. Empowering. Fun.

At ESL Tutor we know that learning a new language takes a huge commitment. That’s why we go all out to give you handy study tools, vibrant lessons and expert teachers to get the results you want.

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Everything’s 100% Online, Targeted and Convenient.

With ESL Tutor, your school comes to you. No need to download or buy anything. Just enroll for a course and start learning. With us, you study where you want (all you need is a computer), how you want (our school is packed with exciting tools and activities) and with whom you want (in a group, one-on-one, in a virtual world…).

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Solid Foundations Build Fluent English Speakers.

To launch yourself into the world of opportunity that proficient English speakers enjoy, you need a solid grounding. Whether it’s grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation or any other facet of English, at ESL Tutor you can learn, listen to, and then, crucially, practice, each one. Whatever your need is, you will find the right teacher and the right course on ESL Tutor. We lead you down the interactive path to full English fluency with results that will blow you away!

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Social-Collaborative Learning.

At ESL Tutor our aim is to provide students with the tools to engage in true social learning and to collaborate on many levels with their fellow learners. We believe that the model of social-collaborative learning is the single most effective way to learn anything, especially a new language. Browse our catalog of courses, enroll in the course that suits your needs and start speaking English today!

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Start learning today by trying our English Placement Test.

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