English Learning Solutions for Schools and Universities

English Learning Solutions for Schools and Universities

Let us take your students’ English to the next level!


English is everywhere. Some 400 million people speak it as their first language and another 600 million speak it as their second. A billion are learning it, about a third of the world’s population is in some sense exposed to it and by 2025, it is predicted almost half of the world will be more or less proficient in it.

It is the language of globalization – of international business, politics, and diplomacy. It is the language of computers and the Internet.

You’ll see it on bill boards in Tokyo, hear it in pop songs in Russia, and read it in official documents in Warsaw. English is now the global language and the pace is accelerating thanks to technology and social media.

ESL Tutor is a provider of online English learning solutions including conversation classes, one-on-one tutoring, exam preparation and standardised testing. We offer English solutions to individuals, government agencies, multi-national corporations, organizations, universities, and language schools from around the world.

The Problem

Language schools and universities in countries where English is not a first language often face the problem of a shortage of native English-speaking teachers to teach their students or to provide English conversation practice. Local teachers, however well-educated, usually still lack the expertise and vocabulary, as well as a native accent to help students reach their full English-learning potential.

Eighty percent of English teachers in non-native English speaking countries – particularly in public schools – are not native English speakers themselves because there are simply not enough native English speaking teachers to meet demand.

Our Solution

ESL Tutor can provide schools and universities with native English teachers online. We can provide teachers around the clock, teaching your students at your school via the internet.

The benefits of using our teachers include:

  • No need to go through extensive recruitment procedures.
  • No need to provide your teachers with housing or other benefits.
  • No need for work permit and visa applications.
  • When a teacher is absent for any reason, there is always another one to substitute.

Language Instruction

ESL Tutor provides all levels of language instruction, from beginner through professional. Highly trained, native-English instructors give your students confidence to speak and understand the new language. ESL Tutor offers:

  • Consistent delivery across the globe
  • Customizable content with vocabulary specific to your students’ needs
  • Quality assurance
  • Participant progress reports
  • Student tracking and reporting

Language assessment

Each student needs to take our ESL Proficiency Tests after each level in order to graduate to the next level. These proficiency tests have been developed to the standards of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.


After successfully completing each level proficiency assessment, students are presented with a Certificate of English Language Proficiency for that level.

Choose one of our very competitive solutions or contact us for a customized solution, and let your students start learning today!

Simple pricing structure

We provide the most competitively priced one-on-one English lessons on the market. You purchase a certain amount of lessons and then we enroll and unenroll students at any time.
The pricing for one-on-one English lessons by ESL Tutor is transparent and easy to understand:
Regular price per lesson: US$29.95
Corporate prices:

  • 100 Lessons: $2,499.95 (13% discount)
  • 500 Lessons: $11,975.00 (20% discount)
  • 1,000 Lessons: $22,460.00 (25% discount)

How many lessons will you need?
The amount of lessons to purchase depends on how many employees you want to enroll into the English-learning program and how often you want them to have the lessons.

The minimum amount of lessons that can be purchased at a time is 100 lessons.

Why choose ESL Tutor Corporate Solutions:

  • Enroll employees over time
  • Pay only for what you use
  • The largest discounts – Save up to 25%
  • A dedicated account manager
  • Bank transfer or Paypal payment

100 Lessons

  • 13% Discount

500 Lessons

  • 22% Discount

1,000 Lessons

  • 25% Discount

Contact our Corporate Sales & Support Department

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